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Hi! My name is Francheska Irizarry and my family and friends thinks I'm a weirdo. I'm 25 years old but people thinks I'm younger for some reason. I think they're right in both situations. It is not easy to understand me, I even don't understand my self at times but God does. That's why I created this space. Because people can be way more easy understood trough blogging. My intention is to pour out my entire soul in here. ::::::::::::::::::Fashion, Writing & Photography are my biggest passions. I also love vintage like crazy. I would love to décor my future home completely vintage. Join my journey :)


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The Classy Styled Gal #summernights #nightoutfit #night  #graphictights #tights #leggings

The Classy Styled Gal #summernights #nightoutfit #night #graphictights #tights #leggings

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